School Partnership Initiative

With the mission of the Nashville Black Chamber of Commerce in mind, we developed the NBCC School Partnership Initiative (SPI).

The Goal

To promote and advance the NBCC's presence in the Nashville community by utilizing its members to share their personal and business experiences with Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) students to encourage them to stay in school and to set goals to achieve success. It is also our hope that with the success of this initiative, other business owners and professionals will want to share their experiences with public school students through an organized effort, and therefore, will become members of the NBCC to do so.


If the majority of students in public schools are exposed to business owners and professionals who look like them and who, as youth, shared similar cultural and socioeconomic  backgrounds, the possibility of acquiring the necessary education and training to obtain a profession or achieve business ownership may emerge as an attainable goal.

What SPI Provides

  1. Greater exposure of the NBCC to the Nashville Community
  2. An opportunity to engage our chamber members in a purposeful experience while providing public speaking training in a non-threatening environment
  3. A forum for our members to build business relationships with one another
  4. An opportunity to participate in the improvement of public education
  5. An opportunity to promote our businesses to future consumers
  6. A channel for educating and training our future workforce

Metro Nashville Public Schools Facts/Student Body Demographics

As of the 2012-13 academic year, 153 schools serving more than 81,000 students.  Enrollment demographics*:

  • Black                                          45.8%
  • White                                         33.3%
  • Hispanic                                    16.6%
  • Asian                                           4.1%
  • Indian                                            .2%
  • Pacific Island                                 .1%
  • Graduation rate                         78.4%

*Source:  Metro Nashville Public Schools


The Nashville Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) School Partnership Initiative (SPI) utilizes the experiences and talents of the NBCC membership to encourage public school students to stay in school to achieve short term goals that lead to long term success.  SPI exposes students to business owners/professionals who share similar cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds with the majority of the students.  Through this exposure, SPI participants hope that the possibility of one day achieving business ownership or professional success may emerge as an attainable goal for the students, and will therefore encourage them to stay in school and continue their education.

NBCC intends to connect with students through our shared cultural experiences and our similar monetary aspirations. On a monthly basis, NBCC SPI members meet at each of the three participating schools, where featured presenters share their passions for their business/profession and explain how they developed into business owners/professionals.  Thought provoking activities, guidance materials, and field trips are also part of the experience.